Ekological Facial Sponges

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The Luonkos ecological face sponge is an excellent finisher of skin cleansing, which can be used after oil cleansing has been applied to the skin. The sponge effectively removes oil, dirt and make-up from the skin.


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The ecological facial sponge effectively completes facial skin cleansing!

Luonkosi's strong and ecological face sponge is an ideal helper to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the face after applying the oil-cleansing cake. With this soft sponge, you can clean your face gently and effortlessly.

The sponge is made of biodegradable viscose, which consists of cotton, hemp and linen. The mushroom is delivered pressed and dry, its size when wet is 6.5 cm x 1 cm. Two are always the most beautiful, so the package contains 2 ecological facial sponges!

How does Luonkos Ecological Facial Sponge work?

1. Dip a dry sponge or "stick" in water to open the sponge.

2. Apply oil from the oil cleansing cake to a dry face and massage until makeup and dirt start to come off. Tip: You can warm and rub the cake between your hands first, so that the oil warms up and softens, and thus spreads gently on the face.

3. Moisten the cleansing sponge in warm water, squeeze out the largest amount of water and wipe off excess oil and make-up from the face. Repeat this if necessary.

Cleansing the ecological face sponge after use:

Hand wash: The sponge should be washed with soap and warm water between uses and left to air dry after washing.

Machine wash: If necessary, the sponge can also be washed in a washing machine at 95°C.

After using and washing, please leave the sponge to air dry before the next use.
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