Grow Volume shampoo, 250 ml

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The Grow Volume Shampoo, which stimulates hair growth, thickens your hair - and washes it clean!


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Grow Volume naturally

Madara's premium Grow Volume shampoo is your hair's top friend!

So start with the best of days by washing your hair with an excellent quality shampoo, the versatile effects of which are based on the zinc, caffeine and mushrooms it contains.

Grow Volume shampoo also contains the active ingredient hair growth support vitamin niacin (B3) and thickening panthenol as active ingredients.

The Grow Volume shampoo, therefore, activates the scalp and cleanses the hair, leaving it soft, smooth and thickened.

USE: Rub into damp hair, foam and rinse after two minutes. Suitable for all hair types, including colored hair. Suitable for daily use.
  • Origin Latvia
  • EAN: 4751009820682
  • SKU: MADARA-4751009820682