Mate Cup & Straw, Design Karita Tykkä

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The lovely mate cup designed by Karita Tykkä takes the pleasure of a drink a little further. After all, aesthetics are as stunning as sipping this refreshing drink. This gorgeous combo is also a great gift idea!


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Mate tastes wonderful in a stylish designer mate cup!

Matelaituri, Mate cup + straw combo, Design Karita Tykkä. The mate cup is Finnish craftsmanship at its best.

The result of Karita's visual vision is a cup that is beautiful, practical and stylish at the same time.

Pia Hynninen creates the cups designed by Karita. The elegance is completed by a gold-coloured bombilla straw, which also comes in the package. The handmade ceramic cups are glazed on the inside to withstand daily drinking of yerba mate. The mate cup has a capacity of approximately 3,3 dl.

This beautiful mug emphasizes the dignity of the moment, not just sipped away in a hurry, but enjoyed in peace and quiet with all senses open.
  • Origin Finland
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