Matelaituri's Sirri, 200 g

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A tangy, citrusy taste sensation!


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A tangy, citrusy taste sensation!

Sirri of Matelaituri is strikingly beautiful and at the same time strangely familiar. Like the cry of a wading bird under an exotic fruit tree that has just flown away from Lapland for its winter holiday. This wonderfully lemony mate is flavoured with citrus and lime. It's crisp and fresh, a great taste experience. Try it and fall in love!

Matelaituri is not just any dock, but a unique stepping stone along whose planks the traditional South American power drink mate wanders to the North Pole: just add clean water and your invincible power drink is ready for sips!

Pure, Finnish waters has inspired the names of Matelaituri's products, from lakes to rivers and coastal lagoons, from lighthouse islands to northern wading birds. Try and enjoy!
Ingredients: Organic Yerba Mate 100%,natural aromas, lemon,lime.
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6429810017093
  • SKU: MATELA-6429810017093
  • Packaging text: FI