Monoi Oil, Tiare, 100 ml

Monoi Oil, Tiare, 100 ml

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Magical Monoi-oil makes your skin glow, hair shine, and awakes the feelings of love. It is popular natural oil between couples massage and is quite a gift from lovely Tahiti!


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Beauty and love in the Tahitian way!

Monoi-oil, Tiare, 100 ml. Precios and mysterious Monoi-natural oil is for the face and body, not to forget the hair and lovely massage. It has called ”The secret of Tahitian women´s beauty” since it makes skin glow and silky smooth. Monoi-oil absorbs quickly, moistures, and softens skin effectively. It makes a miracle to your hair with excellent nourishing qualities. After treatment, your hair feels soft and has regained the natural shine.


Monoi-oil has a unique scent that takes you immediately to the sandy, sunny beach. The magic oil increases the feeling of love, so it has become popular as couples massage oil. 


Monoi Tiki –oil respects the traditions
Monoi Tiki -oil has been manufactured since 1942. This unique, lovely, authentic, and worldwide known monoi-oil has charmed all! 


Tiare flower is one of the essential natural ingredients in traditional Polynesian naturopathy. It appears in many products bringing tranquility, softness, and restoring elements.

The dried Tiare flower inside the bottle is Parfumerie Tiki's trademark and confirms Monoi-oils to be authentic.


How to use monoi-oil
Monoi-oil is truly multi-use oil! It absorbs quickly, moisturizes skin for hours, and has a wonderful scent. After a shower, it hydrates skin nicely, leaving a silky smooth feeling. Poured to bathwater monoi softens the water, moistures skin, and nurtures dry, damaged hair making them shine and strong. 


Because Monoi Tiki´s unique texture contains coconut oil, it is firm under 20 Celcius degrees. When the oil warms up, it goes back to liquid. 









INCI: Coconut oil, Tiare blossoms (Monoi de Tahiti (AO)), Parfum, natural essential oils (they contain: Linalool, Geraniol, Benzyl salicylate, D-Limonene, Citronella, Hydroxy citronella, benzyl benzoate), Tocopherol (natural Vitamin E), benzyl alcohol.

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"The most deliciously scented skin oil! My definite summer favorites."

- Johanna

"I use this since I´m not able to get on Tahiti at this moment! This skin oil brings some excotic to the finnish summer."

- Mariele