Razor, Stainless Steel

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The best razor for all kinds of shavers!


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The best razor for all kinds of shavers!

A guaranteed stylish, traditional shaver from the Mr. Bear Family product series for beginners as well as more experienced shavers. With this ecological, zero-waste razor, you can grow your beard without unnecessary plastic waste that burdens nature.

This gentle and strong, closed comb-style razor keeps the blade a little more protected and thanks to that, forgives small shaving mistakes. Safe and precise shaving is guaranteed for all kinds of shavers. The pleasant-feeling handle made of plum wood adds to the driving pleasure. So plan your hair with this ecological quality product and fall in love forever!

All shorter, traditional razor blades fit this planer. Used replacement blades can be taken to metal recycling.

Dimensions: 4 cm, 11 cm, 2.5 cm.
Chromed stainless steel.
  • Origin Sweden
  • EAN: 7350084610958
  • SKU: MRBEAR-7350084610958