Gelee Royale, 60 pcs

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Health and beauty, hand in hand!


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The world's most amazing superfood – a source of well-being and beauty!

Biosorin Gelée Royale 500, 60 pcs. Gélee royale aka Royal jelly is a very rich jelly made by bees. Royal Jelly, is exactly the food that bees feed on youngsters that are to become queens, so it has all the goodness in it!


Capsules contain Gelée royale 3:1 (equals to 500 mg fresh gelée royale/capsule) and it also has wheat germ oil that has fantastic health-promoting effects that co-operates perfectly with royal jelly!

Wheat germ oil supports the cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive systems. It promotes metabolism and skin health, not to mention the immune system. Wheat germ oil also promotes fertility and has antioxidant properties. It supports mental and menstrual health. 


Royal Jelly boosts our natural defense (immune system), it promotes metabolism, vascular and glands function. It has antioxidant properties and enhances vitality. Last but certainly not least Royal jelly promotes skin health - it has been called "the source of youth and beauty" for ages around the world!


What a combo - try out and see & feel the difference!


Health claims / EFSA:


M-2008-1061 1386 - Wheat germ oil - Cardiovascular system


M-2008-1061 1387 - Wheat germ oil - Nervous system


M-2008-1061 1388 - Wheat germ oil - Digestive system


M-2008-1061 1389 - Wheat germ oil - Metabolism


M-2008-1061 1390 - Wheat germ oil - Skin health


M-2008-1061 1391 - Wheat germ oil - Immune system


M-2008-1061 1392 - Wheat germ oil - Fertility


M-2008-1061 1393 - Wheat germ oil - Antioxidant properties


M-2008-1061 1394 - Wheat germ oil - Mental health


M-2008-1061 1395 - Wheat germ oil - Menstrual health


M-2008-1061 1225 - Royal jelly - Natural defence/immune system


M-2008-1061 1226 - Royal jelly - Metabolism


M-2008-1061 1227 - Royal jelly - Vascular function


M-2008-1061 1228 - Royal jelly - Glands function


M-2008-1061 1229 - Royal jelly - Antioxidant properties


M-2008-1061 1230 - Royal jelly - Skin health


M-2008-1061 1231 - Royal jelly - Tonus/ vitality


M-2008-1061 1703 - Royal jelly - Reconstituent and tonic



Ingredients: Wheat germ oil, lyophilized royal jelly (gelée royale, 3:1), gelatin (beef), stabilizer (glycerol), beeswax, vitamin E.,Wheat germ oil, lyophilized royal jelly (gelée royale, 3:1), gelatin (bovine), stabilizer (glycerol), beeswax, vitamin E.

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