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Yarrow Salt, 80 g

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Yarrow is one of the treasures of our native nature and its crunchy flavour is a perfect companion for salt to spice up a variety of dishes.


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Honest powerful flavour!

Nordicforyou, Yarrow salt, 80 g. Yarrow has a strong, spicy taste that goes well with salt and various dishes. Add a pinch of yarrow salt to soups, baked vegetables, savoury pastries or woks when you want more flavour. Also makes a great gift!

Yarrow is a white-flowered plant with a spicy fragrance. Yarrow is an archaeophyte; a plant species that has spread to new areas so early due to human influence that it has not been reported when it was discovered. Yarrow is a very old herb and spice plant. It's a very common plant known for the following properties: contributes to the functions of the urinary and respiratory tracts and to fat metabolism. It contains salicylic acid which contributes to the well-being of the blood vessels.

Products for the well-being of humans and animals from the purest raw materials in nature. The products contain nature's wild herbs, berries, vegetables and mushrooms. The wild, organic herbs are grown and harvested on our own farm. The organic range is constantly increasing and the products are also vegan and free of additives.

Sources for health arguments / EFSA:
M-2008-1061 2194 - Achillea millefolium - Health of lower urinary tract
M-2008-1061 2195 - Achillea millefolium L. (Common name: Yarrow) - Respiratory health
M-2008-1061 3717 - Achillea millefolium - common name: Yarrow, Achillea, Milfoil, Millefolium - Digestion
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Sea salt 95 %, Dried yarrow* 5%. Organic*.

Storage: in dry room temperature.

  • Origin Finland
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