Essential Oil, Peppermint, 10 ml

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Peppermint oil's scent increases the ability to concentrate, brightens thoughts, and refreshes the memory. It stimulates physiological functions to strengthen the body. Peppermint oil can be used to treat nausea, flatulence, headaches, and nervousness. Peppermint also enhances the action of resistance.


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Stay sharp! This stimulating, fresh peppermint oil helps you focus!

Versatile essential oils can be used, for example, in skincare, meditation, room fragrance in a diffuser, and self-made cosmetics. Take a moment for yourself - and enjoy a good feeling!

Please Note: Only for external use. Most essentials oils cannot be put directly into the skin but can be used as body oils. When making body oil, add a few (1-2) drops of essential oil to one tablespoon (approx. 15ml) of neutral skincare oils (e.g., sunflower seed oil or grapeseed oil).

Please make sure that the product does not end up in the hands of the youngest members of the family, as essential oils should not be used by children.

Ingredients: 100% essential oil.

  • Origin Estonia
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