Spirit Of The Forest Beard Oil, 30 ml

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Finally, it was revealed - the secret of a handsome beard?


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Finally, it was revealed - the secret of a handsome beard?

This hand-bottled beard oil is inspired by the clean forests of Finland. This is the very first beard oil produced by Partawa. This hit product keeps the beard handsome, soft, and extremely shiny. High-quality beard oil reduces itching and flaking and makes the beard manageable! Hand-bottled in Finland, the beard oil is E-vitaminized and 100% natural oils (jojoba, cedar, and cypress oils). Puhdas Pohjola beard oil, hand-bottled in Finland, is the best choice for your beard with its thick texture. This high-quality beard oil brings shine, handsomeness, and cottony softness to your beard. Gentle but effective beard oil relieves even the most itchy, flaky skin and makes your beard look better than ever! How to store beard oil: At room temperature, protected from sunlight. How to use beard oil: Apply and massage the oil into the beard. Avoid getting the product into the eyes, mucous membranes, or wounds. The domestic Partawa beard oil series that produced this oil originated from the personal beard care experiences of its developer. At first, beard oil was made just for me - to bring shine to my chin. It was soon discovered that homemade beard oil keeps the skin under the beard healthy and of course, makes the beard shine and look plumper. When beard fashion became stronger, Partawa's well-groomed facial hair began to attract attention among friends. Beard oils were first made for friends and family. From a sincere desire to share the secret of beard oils, Partawa was born. The high-quality beard oils sold in Ruohonjuuri have been prepared with professionalism - For your beard best.
Jojoba oil, cederwood oil, cypress oil, E-vitamin oil, euqalyptus oil
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430065390015
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