Propolis Soothing Oral Spray, 20 ml

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Propolis Oral Spray is the top friend of sore throats!


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Propolis Oral Spray is the top friend of sore throats!

The active ingredient of Propolia's Propolis Soothing Oral spray is organic propolis, which has become very popular.

Propolis, or beeswax, is a substance produced by bees, which they use to patch and disinfect extra openings in their hives.

Of course, us humans has invented to use this ingenious nectar of bees for his our well-being quite successfully.

Hydroalcoholic extract of purified European propolis (66%), honey (34%), essential oils of linalool thyme* and globular eucalyptus*

Nutritional values per 1.95 mL: Propolis extract 1.39g (of which 222 mg Propolis), Honey 714 mg. Essential oil: Thymus vulgaris L. 420 µg / Eucalyptus globulusLabill. 84 µg

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"I recommend trying "

- Thaer

"Propolis + thyme and honey as sweetness=> A wonderful combination. I like to use especially when I have to use a mask."

- Marika