Chlorella & Spirulina 500 mg, 300 tab

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Take your daily greens easily with a tablet! If the taste of supplement powders doesn't please you, this is the right solution for you!


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Super greens together!

Pudas+ Chlorella and Spirulina 500 mg, 300 tablets. Chlorella and Spirulina benefits of the two superfoods easily combined in one tablet. What are these super greens? Spirulina is a very nutritious microalgae. It contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. More than 60% of the weight of spirulina is a well-absorbed protein that contains all the amino acids needed by humans. In addition, it is rich in trace elements such as iron, vitamins, and their precursors. Spirulina has B vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and gamma-linolenic acid. Minerals such as manganese, zinc, copper, iron, and selenium can also be found. Chlorella, on the other hand, is a nutritious microalgae like spirulina and is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and leafy greens. The name Chlorella comes from its high concentration of chlorophyll. Chlorella supports the immune system and normal liver and digestive function. Chlorella has antioxidant effects. Spirulina supports weight management, vitality, and glycemic well-being and is a good source of amino acids. Puhdas+ products are high-quality nutritional supplements. No additional ingredients are used in the manufacture, such as preservatives, colors, and surface treatments. Dosage according to instructions. Remember that the recommended dosage should not be exceeded, and this product does not replace a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product away from children. Basis of health claims / EFSA M-2008-1061 1500 - Chlorella - Immune health M-2008-1061 1797 - Chlorella algae (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) Antioxidativity M-2008-1061 1798 - Chlorella algae (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) Liver M-2008-1061 2415 - Chlorella pyrenoidosa (Chlorella) - Digestive health / Liver health M-2008-1061 1858 - Spirulina alga - Weight control M-2008-1061 2737 - Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) - Tonus, vitality M-2008-1061 2758 - Spiruline (dry extract of Spirulina maxima) - Amino acid supplementation M-2008-1061 3145 - Spirulina - Glycemic health
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