Puhdas+ Beauty DNA Skin Test for 6 genetic profiles

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Puhdas+ BEAUTY DNA is a new and innovative approach to skin care that gives you the exact products to match your needs. First, take our test and find out which products you really need.


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Fresh winds of skin care

Puhdas+ DNA Skin Test for 6 Genetic profiles offers a new approach to skin care. With our DNA test, you will be able to find out the most important skin care products for you. The most visible signs of aging on the outside are changes in your skin. Skin properties such as elasticity, moisture, antioxidant capacity, sun sensitivity, and tissue repair determine much of an individual’s skin’s health and appearance. In addition, gender and ethnic background play a role in the characteristics of the skin and thus in the treatment required. The processes of skin aging are affected by both your genetic and environmental factors. Studies show that the effect of inheritance is as high as 60%.

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