Puhdas+ Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 130ml JY-019

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A diffuser brings scent and atmosphere to your home or office. Thanks to its small size, the diffuser fits neatly into any space. With essential oils, you can create the desired atmosphere, whether you need to refresh and concentrate or calm down in a hectic environment.


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The diffuser adds fragrance and ambience!

"Puhdas+ essential oil aroma diffuser 130 ml is suitable for different environments (home, office, treatment center).

The diffuser has an LED light that changes color (7 different colors). Lighting that brings a comfortable atmosphere was a diffuser whether in the office or at home.

The diffuser can switch itself off automatically when the water runs out, the water tank is 130 ml.

Note! A USB cable is included, the AC adapter is not included."

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