Electrolyte powder, Pear 120 g

Electrolyte powder, Pear 120 g

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Pear-flavored electrolyte powder will keep you hydrated and tastes amazing!


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Pear-flavored electrolyte powder will taste delicious and hydrate your body!

Puhdistamo electrolyte powder is a sugar-free and deliciously pear-flavored electrolyte powder that effectively restores electrolytes when you need them in at sauna, when the sun is shining or exercising

The electrolyte powder contains Guarande sea salt as a source of sodium and other key electrolytes, including vitamin C and organic sulfur. (OptiMSM). The carbohydrates in the powder are extremely low: 0.1 g in one serving!

Taste and enjoy!

Dose according to instructions. Please note that the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. This product is not a substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep this product away from children.

Methylsulfonylmethane (OptiMSM®), Guérande sea salt, acidity regulator (malic acid), potassium gluconate, magnesium malate, calcium ascorbate, potassium bicarbonate, natural flavours, concentrate (safflower, spirulina), sweetening agent (steviol glycosides)

  • Origin Finland
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