Triple Sun, 60 cap.

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Triple Sun combines three high-quality natural carotenoids boosted with biotin, and vitamin E. Natural ingredients include carrot powder and red tomatoes! Try it and enjoy the summer and the sun!


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Triple Sun is your skin's best friend during summer days!

Triple Sun is the newest in Puhdistamo’s products for sun lovers! Triple Sun is a combination of three high-quality natural carotenoids. The purpose of this supplement is to prepare your skin for the sun. Triple Sun suits anyone who wants to maintain skin health and well-being. Natural ingredients include carrot powder and red tomatoes! Triple Sun contains beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A. Vitamin A contributes to keeping the skin normal. In addition to the three effective carotenoids, Triple Sun has biotin and vitamin E, which contribute to the skin's well-being while enjoying the sun. Biotin helps the skin stay normal, and vitamin E helps protect cells from oxidative stress. The best benefit of Triple Sun comes when you start using it 4 weeks before the sunny season or exposure to the sun. The use of the product should be continued for some time. Take the triple sun and enjoy the summer!
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