Cleaning soap Grapefruit, 100 g

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Cleaning soap that blows away calcifications superfast! Aromatherapeutic grapefruit scent refreshes at the same time!


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Washes away everything calcified and lifts the spirit high!

Saaren Taika, cleansing soap Grapefruit, 100 g. Grapefruit cleansing soap cleans particularly severe calcifications. This fantastic soap is perfect for all types of cleaning.

Approximately 22 liters of finished cleaning spray (grated about 1 teaspoon / 500 ml of water) can be prepared by one piece.

The soap washes greatly shower walls and sinks for brightness and shine.
Best of all, after cleaning, no toxins flow into your home and they do not run down the drain, as this product is completely natural!

Soaped olive oil and coconut oil, water, glycerin, grapefruit essential oil. May produce an allergic reaction.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430069210456
  • SKU: SAAREN-6430069210456