Cleaning Soap Lavender, 100 g

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This natural cleaning soap and calmness takes cleaning to the next level! Lavender essential oil calms senses while your home shines and smells heavenly!


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Clean home, peace of mind.

This soap makes a routine that feels a little even more pleasant. Grateful users say this great soap removes even greasy fingerprints that other ingredients haven’t been able to! Despite its excellent effectiveness, this soap is gentle on the user and does not pollute nature.

One piece of cleaning soap can be used to make approx. 22 liters of ready-made cleaning spray (grated approx. 1 teaspoon / 500 ml of water).

Cleaning soaps are made by hand, made from 100% natural ingredients. Saaren Taika cleansing soap is an excellent alternative, for the cottage, excursions or other outdoor activities! As a zero waste product only cleanliness!

Please note that despite the natural ingredients in the soap, this is only for cleaning home and objects and not for the skin at all!


Soaped olive oil and coconut oil, water, glycerin (no added glycerin, glycerin present in the soap is formed from the oils used in the soap during the saponification process), lavender natural essential oil.

  • Origin Finland
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