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SIGG Mare Balticum is a charity bottle made of recycled aluminium. For every bottle sold, SIGG donates €5 to the John Nurminen Foundation to help save the Baltic Sea.


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The SIGG Mare Balticum aluminium bottle will last for years, after which it can be recycled!

The SIGG Mare Balticum bottle has an EcoCare inner surface that is resistant to fruit acids, chemical-free and completely leak-proof.

The design of the SIGG Mare Balticum bottle is based on Tikkanen's painting Mare Balticum. The bottle itself is inspired by the SIGG classic Traveller and also features a special retro cap. The bottle is made of recycled aluminium in Switzerland. 

For every charity bottle sold, SIGG will donate €5 to the John Nurminen Foundation to save the Baltic Sea.

  • Origin China
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