Cupping set for vacuum massage, face and body, 4 pcs

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Feelgood product to improve your skin and wellbeing with a cup vacuum massage or dry cupping!


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Improve your skin and wellbeing with a cup vacuum massage or dry cupping!

SkinMood® Premium Cup Set for Face and Body! High-quality cup set made of food-grade silicone for face and body care. The package contains 2 cups for the face and 2 cups for the body. A cup vacuum massage on the face helps to reduce swelling, fade lines, raise the angle line, lower the eye bags, lighten dark under-eye circles and give volume to the lips. Cup vacuum massage also improves the absorption of skincare products and their effectiveness.
Face use: Use oil or something similar to facilitate slipping. Maintain a light suction in the cup and gently slide the cup with upward and outward pulls. Follow the instructions that came with the package. Note: Do not treat inflamed skin areas.
Recommended use 5 minutes 2-3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. Thereafter, maintenance treatment once a week.

On the body: Vacuum cup massage can help and support immune defense, relieve muscle, joint and nerve pain, swelling, arthritis and knee pain. Cup vacuum massage can help reduce cellulite, improve the appearance of scars and spider veins, support digestive function and reduce swelling, and improve the absorption and effectiveness of skincare products.
Use: In a cup vacuum massage, a vacuum is created in the suction cup by squeezing the cup from the sides. The massage cup is placed on the skin, squeezed from the sides, creating a vacuum and the tissue rising inside the cup. The cup is slid on well-oiled skin by lifting the cup slightly, in a rotating or straight gentle motion (not pressing). Always direct the movement towards the lymph nodes to which fluids and toxins are to be directed. You can also “dot cup” by holding the cup in place.

Food grade silicone.

  • Origin China
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"Magnificant fluid metabolism refresher! It removes swelling, smoothes the wrinkles, and increases skin elasticity!"


"Spoil yourself with these lovely suction cups that give you cupping without breaking your skin! With this cup series, you get nice bright, smooth skin!"

- Adina