Oregano oil capsules

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A handy helper for improving the wellbeing of your stomach, intestine, and airways.


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A handy helper for improving the wellbeing of your stomach, intestine, and airways.

Solgar’s Oregano Oil Capsules contain 175 mg of wild oregano oil mixture in a well-absorbable soft gel capsule. Oregano oil has gained great popularity, especially among those who value the well-being of their intestines and respiratory systems. Oregano is a herb that grows in the mild climates of Europe, the Mediterranean, and South Central Asia. The oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant, and both the plant and its oil have traditionally been used in Mediterranean cuisine. The main active compounds of Oregano are thymol and carvacrol. The recommended dose of Solgar oregano oil is 1 capsule per day with meals. 60 capsules/pack. Easy to use, test, and feel the power! The herbs used by Solgar are carefully selected from plants grown in the wild or cultivated on special farms. Plants have been used for centuries to maintain well-being. Herbal preparations are still the foundation of Chinese medicine and important ingredients in many European natural medicines. Please note that the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. This product is not a substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. Please keep this product out of reach of children.
Contents of one soft gel capsule:

Wild oregano oil 175 mg

Contains: standardized oregano oil (10.5 mg carvacrol and 0.5 mg thymol) 17.5 mg

Other ingredients: cold pressed olive oil, gelatin, glycerol.
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