Gall Soap, Bar, 100 g

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Are you already familiar with the most effective stain remover in the world?


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Are you already familiar with the most effective stain remover in the world?

Gall soap is a dazzling, easy-to-use, and effective stain remover. It is a cost-effective solution that does not burden nature.

Pen stains, ink, grease, oil, grease, blood, etc., are removed from white and color-impermeable fibers with gall soap. It does not damage fibers, does not leave a white ring, and does not dissolve colors.

Use of bile soap:
Moisten the soap and rub it to the stain, leave on for 1 minute. Then wash it off.
Ingredients: soap cooked from palm* and coconut oil*, bovine bile, chlorophyll.

  • Origin Germany
  • EAN: 4007547201026
  • SKU: SONETT-4007547201026

"Always good soap for cleaning stains like blood or red wine quickly. Soap bar lasts like forever, so it´s always around if stored right."

- Riikka

"Excellent stain remover! This soap bar cleans even blood and grease stains quickly! It´s also sufficient – the previous one lasted about five years!"

- Sari

"Why haven´t I bought this earlier? The most incredible innovation ever! My favorite shirt has had stain for a long time after many attempts to remove it. I thought it´s there for good. Then I tried this soap. I rubbed the stain with the soap, through it to the washing machine, and it actually worked! The stain was gone!"

- Marianne

"This miraculous soap removes the most stubborn stains! This soap has saved me many times from desperation when I´m unable to get a clean shirt."

- Sofia

"Everyday baby's clothes get dirty from poop, vomit, foot etc. Use this soap before machine wash and all the stains are gone, magic! "

- Anni-Sofia