Gall Soap, Liquid, 120 ml

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Gall soap is a dazzling, easy-to-use, and effective stain remover. It is a cost-effective solution that does not burden nature.


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Are you already familiar with the most effective stain remover in the world?

Pen stains, ink, grease, oil, grease, blood, etc., are removed from white and color-impermeable fibers with gall soap. It does not damage fibers, does not leave a white ring, and does not dissolve colors.

Ingredients: olive and rapeseed oil soap, sugar surfactant, bovine bile, orange peel oil, genuine volatile (Petit Grain) oil, balsam, swirled water.
  • Origin Germany
  • EAN: 4007547203129
  • SKU: SONETT-4007547203129

"I have able to remove the black oil from a white curtain. Magnificient product!"

- Mari

"You can clean the most challenging dirt from the white carpets with this soap. The liquid texture goes inside the fringes fibers and cleans them thoroughly. In the end, I dry the cleaned area with a hairdryer."

- Jussi