Wool and Silk Detergent, Unscented, 1 L

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Detergent is friendly to sensitive materials and skin. Fragrance-free.


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A gentle alternative for the skin and the environment.

Detergents on water’s terms, respecting life. Sonett is a pioneer of ecological, environmentally friendly detergents.

Please note that when you order this product from the online store, we will exceptionally and reluctantly pack it carefully in a partially biodegradable plastic wrapping. After all, ecology is an issue close to our hearts. However, for this product, plastic packaging is still the only way to protect the shipment during transport. Of course, we want to make sure you receive your order in perfect condition!
Ingredients: olive* and rapeseed*/sunflower oil soap*, sugar surfactant made from vegetable starch, sugar and coconut fat, vegetable distillate (ethanol), citrate, swirled water
* certified organic production
  • Origin Germany
  • EAN: 4007547305540
  • SKU: SONETT-4007547305540