Wool Conditioner, 300 ml

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Cares for your wool clothes!


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Cares for your wool clothes!

A conditioner that restores the condition of woolen garments. The revitalizing wool grease is absorbed into the fibers, so the clothes remain water-repellent.

Detergents on water’s terms, respecting life. Sonett is a pioneer of ecological, environmentally friendly detergents.

Ingredients: wool fat or lanolin, olive soap, sugar surfactant, cetyl alcohol, vegetable starch, authentic volatile lavender oil, balsam, water.

  • Origin Germany
  • EAN: 4007547502048
  • SKU: SONETT-4007547502048

"My kid agreed not to wear her shirt knitted by her granny – unless I handle it with this. It softens any wool wear for heavenly smoothness!"

- Johanna

"Wool care combined with same brand wool and silk laundry detergents saved the wool socks and clothes that wore diligently by whole family! Great product family!"

- Adina