Strath Elixir, 250 ml

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Strath Elixir - strength and vitality for life!


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Strath Elixir gives strength and vitality for life!

Strath Elixir is a liquid herbal yeast preparation with a classic ingredient to support your health.

Whether you're young or old, there are times in life when you need a boost. The nutrients in Strath Elixir are in an efficiently absorbed form. Strath when you're tired, stressed and need a boost in your everyday life. Strath is suitable for the whole family, athletes, students, convalescents - anyone who needs a little extra pep in their step. Test and feel the effect!


1-3 teaspoons (5-15 ml) per day on its own or mixed with juice.

Please note that the recommended daily dose given should not be exceeded.

Please also be aware that the supplement is certainly not a substitute for a varied diet (remember to chew well and eat consciously) or other healthy lifestyle habits.

Please keep this product out of the reach of young children.

Ingredients: herbal yeast plasmolyzate (80%), barley malt extract, orange juice, honey.
  • Origin Switzerland
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