Caring Herbal Bath 02, 10 g

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Pamper your body and mind by taking a dip in a warm bath after a hard day, where pure Finnish herbs will pamper you from head to toe.


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A warm bath flooded with herbal power!

These herbs, collected from Finnish pure nature, nourish and pamper the body. A bath made from nettle, yarrow and lemon balm has a refreshing effect, and the herbal aroma helps to calm the mind.

Made from 100% Finnish herbs.

The heat, along with the herbs, relaxes every muscle and nerve ending in your body - the mind is free and uplifted.

Terhen was born out of a passion to keep the unique Finnish sauna tradition alive and strong, suitable for this time. Terhen brings natural well-being to everyday life.

Ingredients: Nettle, yarrow and lemon balm

  • Origin Finland
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