Sauna Therapy (book)

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A beautiful book that is full of treatments that pamper all your senses. Healthy Sauna culture and ancient tradition of treatments are the cornerstones of this fine book.


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The ancient tradition of treatments with an aesthetic touch.

Terhen, Sauna Therapy (book).

Sauna Therapy focuses on the unique health benefits of the sauna culture and revives the ancient tradition of treatments. All senses are nourished by the treatments included in the book.

They combine Finnish traditional know-how and aesthetics. Instructions for the sauna treatments inspire us to try out the different baths, wraps, and herbal treatments using a variety of pure ingredients. With Sauna Therapy, enjoying a sauna becomes part of your overall well-being.

Easy recipes for well-being to try on your own or with friends. The size of the sauna does not matter, actually, many of these treatments can even be enjoyed without a sauna.

Terhi Ruutu is a Helsinki-based sauna therapist and founder of Terhen sauna community, a new way to combine sauna, culture, encounters, and conversing.

All magnificent photos in the book were taken by photographer Katri Kapanen.

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