Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Early Harvest, 500 ml

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There are huge differences in olive oils, both in terms of taste and composition. This first harvest olive oil is full of freshness and spicy greenness with polyphenols!


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Nobility of olive oils - limited edition!

Olive oil is a super delicious vegetable oil that not only your taste buds love, but your body loves it too! Olive oils vary wildly in both taste and quality. Terra Creta's cold-pressed virgin olive oil represents the best of the best and this Early Harvest olive oil takes the freshness and spicy green deliciousness a step further.

Each bottle of Early Harvest olive oil is serial numbered as the early harvest, which is gathered in mid-August, produces an excellent extra virgin olive oil, available in limited quantities.

Terra Cretan Early Harvest olive oil has a balanced combination of bitter and spicy - low acidity (0.25% to 0.45%) and particularly high in polyphenols. Cold-pressed, the olive oil squeezes out all its delicious greatness, and no extra processing.

The whole body loves olive oil and it can be used internally as well as externally. Olive oil supports cardiovascular health, boosts blood lipid profile and, as an antioxidant, helps our bodies cope with stress caused by oxidative stress (which causes premature aging and tests our immune system, among other things).

Health claims / EFSA:

M-2008-1061 1316 - Olive oil and/or olive pomace oil - Health of the cardiovascular system, General population.
M-2008-1061 1332 - Olive Oil - Improves blood lipid profile
M-2008-1061 1333 - Olive Oil - Reduces oxidative stress.
M-2008-1061 1367 - Name of Food product: Olive Biophenols Description of food in terms of food legislation categories: Food supplement Was food on Irish market before 1st July 2007: No - Health benefits of food: A potent source of antioxidant biophenols for strengthening and balancing of the immune system from free radicals Do benefits relate to a disease risk factor: No Target group: All of the general population including children and
M-2008-1061 1637 - Polyphenols (general and from grape, olive and cacao in particular) - Antioxidant properties

Organic extra virgin olive oil

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