Tar Oil, 50 ml

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With tar oil, you can freshen the air in your room, ease your breathing and the itching of insect infested skin!


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The fragrant gift from the pitchy stumps of Lapland!

Tervaskanto, Tar Oil, 50 ml.Tar oil is a pure natural product, obtained from pitchy stumps in Lapland during tar burning. Tar oil contains the health-promoting ingredients of pine.

Pine essential oils are known for their respiratory benefits. Pine is also an excellent, natural air freshener in the home! Tar oil can be used in steam inhalation by adding a few drops to a small amount of boiling water, and as a sauna fragrance in the steam water.

Tar oil can also be used on the skin, for example for itching and irritation caused by insect bites, as such or in a 1:4 olive oil mixture.

Outdoor enthusiasts love this oil! House cats, on the other hand, get a lovely woodland smell and feel at home when nature seems too far away!

Try it and love it!
100% tar oil.
  • Origin Finland
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