Ginger candy original, 60 g

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The most popular ginger candy without a doubt! Sweet as candy with spicy hints of burn .. you will be craving for these!


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Juicy and sweet ginger candy with extra kick!

Ginger People Gin Gins Ginger Caramel Original is a wonderfully soft caramel with a mild ginger burn.

You can’t help but to fall in love with these soft-chewable ginger delicacies. Do you dare to taste .. you can lose yourself forever to ginger!

Additive-free, gluten-free and vegan. 10% genuine ginger.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, ginger (10%), tapioca starch

Nutritional content per 100g: Energy (kJ / kcal) 1584/379, fat 2.5g, of which saturated 1g, carbohydrates 89g, of which sugars 58g, protein 0g, salt 0.06g

  • Origin Indonesia
  • EAN: 0734027942028
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