E-EPA 650mg + Vitamin D Economy-Size

E-EPA 650mg + Vitamin D Economy-Size

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A super strong Omega-3 supplement in an economy-size pack!


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A super strong Omega-3 supplement in an economy-size pack!

Tolonen, E-EPA 650 mg + Vitamin D Economy-Size. Good fat acids support your well-being in many ways! Heart, veins, and brains just love Omega-3!

This E-EPA supplement contains 90 % omega-3 fatty acids. One E-EPA capsule is equivalent to 4-6 standard omega-3 capsules. When you want to take an effective daily dose of fish oil, E-EPA is a good solution. No endangered species are used in the production!

DHA promotes the normal function of the heart, brain, and eyesight. 

Vitamin D promotes the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It contributes to bones normality and muscular functioning maintain normal. Vitamin D also contributes to teeth maintain normal and promotes the normal activity of the immune system.

Dosage for Adults:
• The standard dose for a healthy person is one capsule a day.
• If needed, you can take 2 to 4 capsules.

The health benefits require taking the recommended daily dose.

Please Note: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Remember that a dietary supplement does not replace a versatile diet or healthy life habits. Not recommended for people with impaired blood clotting.

Ingredients: RDA 650 mg 90 % EPA + 12.5 micrograms vitamin D3.

• Ethyl esterified fish oil concentrate 68%

• (1 capsule contains 650 mg of pure E-EPA)

• Gelatin 24%

• Moisturizer (glycerol)

• Antioxidant (D-alpha-tocopherol)

• Cholecalciferol 0.02%

  • Origin Germany
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