Sugar-free dark stevia hazelnut chocolate 60%, 125 g

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Stevia-sweetened, sugar-free chocolate for big pleasure!


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Stevia-sweetened, sugar-free chocolate for big pleasure!

Sugar-free dark stevia hazelnut chocolate from the Torras range is a vegan temptation and a great taste sensation that you should really try! Stevia-sweetened chocolate is a permitted indulgence that everyone can enjoy.

125 gram serving size - minimum 60% cocoa content.

Founded in 1890, Chocolates Torras is one of Spain's most traditional chocolate makers. It's no coincidence that the question most often sent to the chocolate factory is: "Are these chocolates really sugar-free?"

Torras is proud to present its completely sugar-free chocolates, whose taste retains the fullness and sweetness of chocolate.

The chocolates are safely sweetened with maltitol, inulin and erythritol and steviol glycosides derived from the stevia plant.

Cocoa mass, sweeteners (erythritol, steviol glycosides (0.025%)), cocoa butter, HAZELNUT (10%), inulin, fat-free cocoa powder, emulsifier (sunflower calcitonin), natural vanilla flavouring. May contain traces of milk, soy, other nuts and sesame.

Cacao content min. 60%. Keep dry and cool.

Nutritional values/100g:

Energy 1766 kJ (429 kcal),

Fat 39,0g (of which saturated 20,0g),

Carbohydrates 31,0g (of which sugars 1,0g; of which polyols 27,0g),

Carbohydrate 17,0g,

Protein 7,0g,

Salt 0,08g.

  • Origin Spain
  • EAN: 8410342015006
  • SKU: TORRAS-8410342015006

"Sugar and dairy-free delicious fits for diet and is super delicious! I had to buy this three times a rough : )"

- Nadine Paimio