Foam Cleansing Cream, 200 ml

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The soft and gentle foam deeply cleanses the skin of your face!


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The soft and gentle foam deeply cleanses the skin of your face!

Whamisa's foaming cleanser removes make-up without drying or irritating the skin. It is gentle to use, with a unique formula and action based on rice extracts, olive oil and conditioning shea butter. The product thoroughly cleanses dirt and impurities from the complexion and also deep cleanses pores. The fermented raw materials brighten and condition the skin during cleansing.

Directions for use: Wet face and hands. Take a pea-sized portion of cleanser in your hand and foam, apply to face in gentle circular motions, rinse with plenty of water. Use morning and evening.


To double cleanse, first cleanse your skin with Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil.

Whamisa Skicare products are the famous Korean fermented natural cosmetics. The products in the range have been awarded the German BDIH Natural Cosmetics Certificate. Founded in 2010, the innovative Whamisa range combines high technology, long-standing product development, stunning botanicals and lightweight yet super-moisturizing formulations. Whamisa products are completely water-free. It not only ensures 100% rich and nourishing botanicals, but also gives the products a stunningly rich texture. The raw materials used by Whamisa are fermented. Fermentation enhances and intensifies the effect of the raw materials and improves the duration of the effects.
  • Origin Republic of Korea
  • EAN: 8809403814854
  • SKU: WHAMIS-8809403814854