Fresh Kelp Mask, 6 g

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Whamisa Fresh Kelp Mask contains three different seaweed extracts that reduce swelling, tighten the skin, and shrink pores.

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Kelp Mask brings the spa to your home!

Whamisa Fresh Kelp Mask reduces swelling, shrinks the pores, and smoothes the skin’s tone and texture. It has been clinically proven to prevent fine lines while cleansing the skin. The mask deep-moisturizes the skin, making it feel soft and firm. The mask is made from 100% seaweed, which contains many skin care marine minerals such as beta-glucan, algae acid, and fucoidan. These reduce swelling, increase skin brightness, improve texture and moisture balance, and shrink pores. The serum contains three types of seaweed extract that soothe the skin, moisturizes it, and makes it look bright.

How to use Whamisa Fresh Kelp Mask?

1. Clean the skin and then add water to your face.

2. Remove the protective film from the mask and spread it on the face in two parts: first, the lower part, and then the upper part.

3. Place the parts of the mask firmly against the skin with movements from the middle of the face to the side.

4. Leave for 10 to 20 minutes and remove the mask. If there is still serum left in the mask, you can tap it on the neck and decolleté!

Please note that the chlorophyll in the seaweed mask can leave color on the skin. You can rinse your face with water after applying the mask.
  • Origin Republic of Korea
  • EAN: 8809403816025
  • SKU: WHAMIS-8809403816025