Ozonated Sesame Oil, 50 ml

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Antimicrobial, ozonated skin oil provides gentle care


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Antimicrobial, ozonated skin oil provides gentle care

White Swan series Ozonated Sesame Oil is made from very high quality, organic quality cold-pressed virgin sesame oil. This oil can be used like any normal-strength ozonated olive oil externally for all types of skincare. Use antimicrobial ozonated oil for open wounds, broken skin, burns, or acne, for example. This nourishing skin oil is antimicrobial and enhances the production of both tissue-regenerating growth factors as well as anti-aging antioxidants, and is, therefore, an ideal skincare agent even when the skin is free of infection. These properties are even better in normal oils than in stronger products, and therefore, as a general oil, normal strength is the most recommended. The product can also be used to treat pets.

INCI: Ozonated sesame oil (no other substances) For external use only Pack of 50 ml pump bottle Shelf life below +9 C: 18 months. Shelf life at room temperature: 6 months

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430057080016
  • SKU: WHITES-6430057080016