KUULAS Yin Your Skin® Jade Roller
Yin Your Skin

KUULAS Yin Your Skin® Jade Roller

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Use the face roller to reinvigorate your skin in less than a minute!


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Use the face roller to reinvigorate your skin in less than a minute!

The Ruohonjuuri staff voted Gua sha by Katja Koko's Gua Shas and facial rollers the best self-care product of 2020.

The Jade Roller helps the facial muscles to relax, supports blood circulation in the skin, which in turn helps the skin to recover from external stressors. You get clearer and smoother skin. The roller also helps to reduce swelling, erase eye bags and dark eye rings. It helps to make the skin elastic and soft, as well as soothe sensitive skin.

This Yin Your Skin - Gua sha by Katja Kokko (expert and blogger in natural beauty) has developed a face roller with spikes for extra effect. A jade roller is a fantastic tool for treating the face, neck, neck, and décolleté.

With the face roller, the skin revitalizes in just one minute! Rolling effectively stimulates blood circulation and collagen production, improves the absorption of skincare substances into the skin. Unlike micro-needling, the roller does not break the skin and is, therefore, a gentle and hygienic alternative.

You can use the Jade Roller both before and after applying skincare products. Rolling should not be performed on inflamed or extremely sensitive skin, on the skin with couperosa, rosacea, nor skin with impurities.

Yin your Skin Gua Sha by Katja Kokko series' jade rollers are made of beautiful green jade stone.


According to Chinese medicine, the jade stone promotes energy flow in the kidneys and helps cleanse toxins from the body. The jade stone is considered an excellent alternative for a stressed body and a stressed mind.

Jade stone

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