Dandelion root groats, 30 g

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You can brew tea or make a coffee substitute from dandelion root groats! Dandelion root has a long tradition, and the dandelion is a familiar flower!


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A substitute for coffee made from dandelion root?

Dandelion root groats are a traditional and versatile plant. Dandelion root groats can be sprinkled on top of food, brewed into tea, or made into a coffee substitute!
Dandelion root supports the well-being of the heart and blood vessels. Dandelion itself is also familiar as it promotes the well-being of the urinary tract.
Uses of Dandelion Root:
You should soak the root in cold water for about one day, heat it, and drink it as tea. You can also use dandelion seed crushed or ground, for example, in porridge, on top of muesli. Please note that dandelion root may cause an allergic reaction for those with a mugwort allergy. Yrttiapaja's high-quality domestic products highlight the authentic flavors of nature. Herbs are farmed completely without pesticides and respecting traditions.
The basis for health claims / EFSA:
M-2008-1061 2803 - Dandelion root extract - Cardiovascular system
M-2008-1061 3827 - Taraxacum officinale (Common Name: Dandelion) - Urinary health
M-2008-1061 4489 - Taraxacum officinalis-Flowering plant-Dandelion - Purification
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